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Free Australia-wide shipping for order over $55!
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No response after shutter pressed

Please do the following camera board test :
1. Remove the batteries
2. Connect the camera from the Micro-USB port on the side to a power bank/USB plug with the USB cable. (Note: Do not connect to PC/Laptop instead. )
3. Make sure the power is on and the colour filter switch is on the first mode.
4. Press the shutter to test.
If the camera works fine, just replace the batteries with rechargeable or new Alkaline ones.

We highly suggest using rechargeable batteries, as they are of better quality and stay charged up for longer. Sometimes batteries that you just purchase from the store can already be in the “low battery” stage. This can happen due to shelf time, sunlight, the temperature they are stored in, etc.

If the camera is still not working, please send a cloud link of the testing clip to, the Paper Shoot support team will look into this for you.